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5 Things That Increase The Value Of A Home:

Date Added: April 15, 2021 03:57:18 PM
Author: zds miami
Category: Shopping: Home and Garden: Garden

5 Things That Increase the Value Of A Home:

Are you in the market of buying or selling a home? If yes, then you know the importance certain things are in the eyes of the consumer. While most big home improvements are bound to bring big value to the property, there are some smaller upgrades that can bring a lot of value to the table as well.

Nice Landscaping:
Your eyes give you your first impressions of a home. A well-designed landscaped home, will attract more customers willing to pay a higher price. Studies show that the perceived value of a home goes up by as much as 12% for a well landscaped home. That is an increase on average of about $20,000-$35,000! Depending on what exactly is included in the landscaping, bushes, fruit trees, sprinkler system, will determine how big of an increase it will bring.


Fresh Coat of Paint:
A fresh coat of paint is a breath of fresh air and gives a home a clean and new feel. If chosen correctly, paint colors can really have an effect on the mood of those in the room. If a home is painted in bright and inviting colors, appropriate for each individual room, then it will increase the value of the home by as much as double the money you spend to paint it. For an exterior paint job, it not only increases the curb appeal of the home, but it increases the value by approximately 1.5% of the money spent on painting it. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home quickly.

Installing A Fireplace And Chimney:
Both an indoor and an outdoor fireplace increases the value of your home by approximately $4000. In this day and age people are looking for ways to go green and use more sustainable energy. A fireplace is the perfect way for an energy conservative person to lower their carbon footprint, making a home with a fireplace an attractive opportunity.

House Cleaning Services:
Consistent upkeep of a home is crucial to its well-being. Without a constant cleaning of all used areas, the house will go into disarray and disrepair. By keeping up with the cleaning you will be able to catch any issues whether big or small and tackle them in their infancy. There is a clear connection between those that are consistently on top of their home and the high value their home maintains. In addition, a clean home will present better to a potential buyer and as mentioned previously first impressions can increase the value of the home by a significant amount.

Home Insulation:
Insulating your home is one home improvement that is hidden from the eye but the cost benefits are felt almost immediately. A poorly ventilated and insulated home is not something you can hide from the average buyer. Proper insulation is a clear benefit to all prospective buyers. Nobody can argue about the increase in value insulation brings to a home.

Although there are many things that can increase the value of a home, the above 5 are all examples of mostly inexpensive enhancements one can do to increase their home value.




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