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Floor Sanding Dublin

Date Added: June 20, 2017 07:18:31 PM
Author: Alex
Category: Business & Economy
Turn To The Floor Sanding Specialists

Foot traffic, the occasional food and drink spills, you pet clawing at the surface, all through to fading effects from the sun, wood comes under a lot of abuse. Those dirt particles on the surface get grinded against it, acting like sand paper that gradually wears down the finish, and even getting to the underlying wood. Even the types of shoes themselves factor in. From the rubber soles that leave behind unsightly marks, to the high heel stilettos that exert numerous pounds of pressure on the area being walked on, affect the wood finish. Over time, it loses its beauty. Some stains could have set into the surface, and you want to get rid of them. The wax and polish layers could have outlived their mandate, and now the surface is all dull and forlorn. Are you looking to give your wood floor a new lease of life? Then refinishing is on the cards. And the first step of the process is proper floor sanding.

Benefits Of Expert Floor Sanding Services

1. Modernised equipment

We keep up to date with the evolving technology in floor restoration, and our team comes on site with the latest high-grade floor sanding machinery, to ensure that a thorough job is done, with minimal disruption to your daily life. The powerful equipment break through those layers of topcoats, polish and sealants, reaching the bare wood and opening up the pores and making them ready to receive new treatments. Powerful vacuuming is incorporated into the process, to get rid of the dust and prevent it from covering the interior surfaces of your establishment.

2. Reduce your workload

DIY floor sanding is one of the most labour intensive jobs you can do in your home. Preparing the floor to ensure that there are no items like nails sticking about the timber, installing the sandpaper belt onto the drum of the sander, all through to working the sander around the property. Then you have to determine the right approach, including at what points to shift between the edging sander and drum sander, plus even the grit of the sandpaper to use at which levels, and the pace with which to carry out the sanding itself. Incorrect approach, whether it’s using the wrong machinery or even hovering on one spot for longer than is necessary, will see you excessively sanding through the boards and causing permanent damage. Then there's the risk to the machinery that you have rented, with you being held liable for any damage that may occur.

All this added to the amount of dust that is created during a DIY job that ends up getting spread all over the property, and you're left with a tough cleaning job to do. Why go through all that? Leave the task to the floor sanding professionals and free yourself to do the things you love.

3. Taking care of your diverse needs

Our clients span across all kinds of establishments, from homeowners looking to restore the elegance to the households, to business owners wanting to spruce things up to impress their customers. Whether it's an office building, church, or even restaurants and bars, school settings and the sports facilities, plus whichever kind of wood flooring in the establishment, from parquet to oak and everything in between, our floor sanding team will enable you to transform it into the look and feel you desire.
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