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Professional Floor Sanding Dublin

Date Added: June 26, 2017 09:06:19 PM
Author: Alex
Category: Business & Economy
Floor Sanding Dublin Specialists For You

That wood floors are elegant is without question. Homes, office suites, entertainment centres like restaurants and bars, art galleries, educational institutions, all through to churches and palaces, everyone is going for the installation that matches their style. It’s a timeless beauty, that enhances the ambience of the interior space. There are numerous species to choose from, and you can even further tweak the appearance to your desired hue and gloss levels depending on the lacquers and topcoats you apply. However, the reality is the surface will come under a lot of abuse. Constant foot traffic in both residential and commercial establishments grinds dirt against the surface of the finish that had been applied, gradually wearing it down. Stains from drink spills that were left to stand for too long on the surface could have set into it. Then there are scuffs and scratch marks, whether it’s from your furry friend or furniture being dragged across the floor. Even the sun's rays cause fading. As time goes by, the beauty is eroded, and your decor is ruined. But the fate of the floor is not sealed. It can be easily restored to its original glamour, or you can even change it to set a new tone for the establishment. This is done through refinishing. The old coats will have to be got rid of before the new ones can be applied. That's where the floor sanding Dublin services come in.

Reasons To Hire Expert Floor Sanding Dublin Services

Avoid the hustle of a DIY job

You don’t want to make mistakes that will grind your home life or business operations to a halt- which is what is likely to happen with a DIY floor sanding job. The wrong equipment or method of approach can result in heavy losses, inconveniences and time wastage since the floor will literally be out of commission until repairs are made. First, with rentals, it is difficult to get industrial-grade equipment that is used during professional floor sanding Dublin services. The machinery that is available tends to not to have the aggressive power needed to cut through the old finish effectively. Then there's the material cost, from the sanding machine to the sandpaper that you should use. For the latter, grit also matters. Low quality sandpaper can even clog up with the finish before it gets dull. Assuming you get quality equipment, using it is a different issue altogether. Improper application will lead to chatter marks forming, divots, dents in your wood, and everything in between. From the large mistakes that lead to uneven wood floors, to the small blunders that are ignored but end up featuring prominently through the finish that will be applied, it will take more resources to fix them. Add to that the amount of dust that is created, and you have a monstrous job on your hands. Don't stress yourself- let our floor sanding Dublin team take care of it for you.

· Your satisfaction is our priority

We have years of experience in delivering quality floor sanding Dublin services, with the testimonials and customer loyalty to back it up. Our fully trained and experienced crew can tackle the diverse floor restoration projects, and as such you can rest assured to get the results you expect. They will arrive on site punctually and will serve you with the utmost courtesy, to ensure that you enjoy the full scope of our service delivery.
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