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What Is A Pressure Cooker And Which Is The Best?

Date Added: September 09, 2023 06:20:59 AM
Author: miriamsearthencookware
Category: Business & Economy

What Is A Pressure Cooker And Which Is The Best?

What Is A Pressure Cooker?

A Pressure Cooker consists of a metal pot with a locking lid. It cooks food by locking steam inside the pot and forcing food to cook with excessive amounts of steam pressure and heat.  Some of the foods typically cooked in a pressure cooker are soaked dry beans, lentils, meats, and vegetables.  A conventional pressure cooker is made of either Aluminum or Stainless Steel and has several parts to it:

  1. The metal pot and its handle made from either rubber or silicone

  2. The lid and its handle with a locking mechanism

  3. The Gasket or a rubber sealing ring

  4. The steam vent and release valves

With Many In The Market, Which One Is The Best Pressure Cooker?

When evaluating something to be the best, the most important criteria is to find out how well it can fulfill its core purpose: in this case, cook your food safely and nutritiously?
Unfortunately, most conventional pressure cookers are made of reactive metals and the kind of heat generated from these metals destroys the delicate nutritive cells in your food.  Also as a result of this forceful cooking, your food becomes smashed, mushy and tastes quite bland. To compensate for this taste-drain more and more sodium-laden seasoning is used. The other thing is before you can open the lid of a conventional cooker, you have to release “ALL” the steam by opening the vent. Unfortunately, with the steam go essential water-soluble nutrients!

How Are MEC’s Pure-Clay Pressure Pots Different?

MEC’s Pure-Clay pressure pots are quite the opposite, here’s why:

  1. It is an inert/non-reactive cooking pot. There are no METALS, CHEMICALS or TOXINS that come in contact with your food. So nothing leaches in. The pot’s raw material is pure and rich with nutrients & micro-nutrients.

  2. The unique steam locker lids let steam build up inside and keep it there. This steam builds “gradually” with the superior far infrared heat and is non-invasive. It does not “force” but “coax” the food to cook, bringing out all the subtle flavors and causing no nutrient loss.

  3. Unlike in the case of conventional pressure cookers, this gentle yet powerful steam does not need to be ‘fully emptied out’ before opening the pot. Instead, it settles naturally on the food, coating the food with even more of its own nutrients… Now that is the reason for this immensely wonderful taste as another passionate Pure-Clay Cook explains:

…I had my doubts about the lentils cooking as soft as they cook in my (metal) pressure cooker, but the lentils cook a whole lot better in the clay pot – they are deliciously soft and yet remain whole, never become a mushy paste…. I must tell you, I have never had food cooked so rich and delicious and moist before.  My whole family has noticed the difference in flavor of the food since I have started cooking in my clay pots, and they all love it…” Tanushree Rajan, TX USA

Features Unique To MEC Pots:

Your pure clay pressure pot is lighter, is less work cleaning as has only two parts to it. The design is very straightforward. It has none of the risks of a conventional metal pressure cooker with its many parts and accessories. The other big difference: these work both in the oven and on the stove-top.  It takes about the same time to cook the food, sometimes 5-10 minutes longer. You can cook your best pressure cooker recipes in a much healthier way.

Does all this not make a MEC pot the best pressure cooker?

How can a design this simple be capable of so much?

Unlike other cookware, the beauty and complexity of its performance and the reason for its various unique benefits lies not in the complexity of its looks but in the power & purity of the raw material and the craftsmanship of its maker:
MEC pressure pots are made from 100% pure and all-natural clay with no added contaminants or chemicals.  Each pot and lid are thoughtfully designed and professionally handcrafted, the base and the walls are raised in perfect concentric circles and finished in such a way that it can redirect steam towards the food. The lids are of just the right thickness and with its inside dome grove, it locks as much steam as is needed to cook your food nutritiously & deliciously.
Pure nature is powerful beyond imagination, and these pots and the way they cook your food are proof of this fact!

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